Ecology at the Engimatt City-Gardenhotel 

What we do to conserve the green around our house and on this planet...

  • Air conditioning
    Our air conditioning system is equipped with a heat recovery system. This system uses a great part of waste heat produced by the air conditioners to heat the building elsewhere. The temperature in rooms can be adjusted to at most 10 degrees Celsius lower than the outside temperature.
  • Co2
    The Engimatt City-Gardenhotel is certified for climate protection and energy efficiency by the Energy Agency.
  • Cooling systems
    Our refrigerators (except Minibars) are designed to re-use 70 percent of their produced heat. In addition all refrigerators (including Minibars) are free of Freon.
  • Electric Vehicle
    We offer our guests a complimentary loading station in our garage.
  • Energy Optimising System
    As soon as the total energy consumption reaches a predefined amount of energy, an automatic system temporarily shuts down unimportant energy consuming equipment to reduce the total amount of energy used.
  • Energy Saving System
    The hotel room key card has to be put into a special slot when entering a hotel room. By doing so the current conduction will be activated. Leaving the room and taking the card out of the slot will cut the current conduction so that there is no energy consumption in the room anymore. In addition all the shutters will be closed to keep the heat inside respectively to minimise solar irradiation.
  • Food
    Whenever possible we buy products from local suppliers. In addition we mainly use products from Switzerland and meat from animal friendly businesses.
  • Heating system
    Our heating system uses the more sustainable natural gas instead of fuel oil.
  • Key cards
    Our key cards are made from brich, harvested from sustainably managed forests and contains mostly unaltered plant material.
  • Light fixtures
    To save energy most of our lamps illuminating our corridors and our hotel's surroundings are equipped with motion sensors. 80 %  ot used bulbs are specially energy saving LED lighting fittings.
  • Office paper
    For internal use we switched from 80g/m2 paper to 60g/m2. We only use paper that has not been treated by chlorine.
  • Rain water collecting tank
    To irrigate our green areas around the hotel we do not use precious drinking water. Instead we use rain water collected in our old fuel oil tank which has been professionally cleaned and rebuilt as a rain water collecting tank. In addition the toilets in our restaurant use the same rain water.
  • Room towels
    Only the room towels lying on the bathroom floor will be exchanged and washed. Suspended towels will not be replaced. By applying this international manner we massively reduce the use of water, detergents and energy.
  • Washing- and cleaning liquids
    Where possible we use sustainable washing- and cleaning liquids.
  • Waste separation
    We separate batteries, glass, paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, aluminium, kitchen waste and special waste. New employees get trained to eliminate mistakes due to casualness or ignorance.
  • Water consumption
    By using so-called "Perlators" it is possible to massively decrease the amount of drinking water used. The "Perlators" mix air into the water and therefore increase the jet of water's size. This creates an impression of "softer" water. In addition all toilets are equipped with a 2-level flushing system.
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